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Snow & Low Tunnels

December 13, 2011

Last Wednesday night we had our first inch of snow for the year.  Although it didn’t last very long it was beautiful.

As you can see Aaron has built low tunnels to protect the Greens and Roots from the cold, frost, and snow.  We purchased a really neat tool that allows you to bend 1/2″ EMT (electrical conduit) into 4′ hoops.  After bending the hoops, Aaron dug holes to insert the ends of the hoops into.  Next he packed the earth around the ends of the hoops in the holes and the tunnels were ready for covering.  Right now we are using a layer of UV resistant plastic, held down by rocks, bricks, and logs to keep everything cozy.

The morning after the snow, I went out to check on our Greens and Roots.  A nice wave of warmth and humidity exited each tunnel as I opened the ends, and fogged up my camera lens.

After my lens cleared up I was able to get a shot of the salad greens in the tunnel.  You can see the Arugula in the foreground, followed by the Rouge de Hiver (an Heirloom purple lettuce variety), Lola Rosa Darky (another Heirloom purple lettuce), and Mesclun Mix.

Next I visited the Beets.  We have two Heirloom varieties… Detroit Dark Red and Golden Detroit.  The Golden Beets are out of site in the photo below.

The Beets were so beautiful with water droplets shining on the leaves in the sunlight, their roots slowly growing below the earth.

Come join the Radish variety taste test and pick up a bag of Greens this week.  We are entering the final 2 weeks of the Weaverville Holiday Tailgate Market at the Community Center on Wednesdays, 2-5PM.  We will also be vending tomorrow, Wednesday, December 14, at the Marshall Community Center on Blannahassett Island in the French Broad River from 11-1PM as part of our Homeschool Co-op’s Holiday Swap.

I will also have hand painted ceramic ornaments, Lavender Cardamom Lip Balm, Star Baby Dolls, and will be taking orders for 16″ Waldorf Dolls made to order for the holidays at both events tomorrow.  See my blog for more details on handmade items:

Also keep an eye out for Ardfield Farm Produce this winter at the Madison County Extension Office Winter Market, starting in January.  More details to come.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. veronica DeBruin permalink
    December 17, 2011 10:18 am

    amazing..not only beautiful but delicious greens!

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